LEAP: Big Mouth Billy Bass

The all-singing, all-dancing, Big Mouth Billy Bass took over Waterloo station with its standout movements and playful melody…

We were tasked with producing a large animatronic replica of the famous Billy Bass which spanned over three metres and danced in sync to LEAP’s light-hearted tune over the course of a two-week campaign! This special build consisted of a 3D billy bass with two joints which moved independently, controlling both the head and tail at different intervals. It also included a replica of the plaque and gold name plate that helped secure the build but also contributed to the iconic appearance of the cultural phenomenon.

This Big Mouth Billy Bass build had an 100% success rate and repeated its movement 70,784 times throughout the two-week campaign, engaging audiences travelling around the busy streets of Waterloo. LEAP’s campaign aimed to inform and prove to people that the tastiest fish are free, not farmed. We were proud to a part of this message and contribute to one of their biggest marketing campaigns yet!